School and Student Travel - Simply Safe

If you are responsible for arranging transport and travel for students or young people we can assist you in meeting your legal obligations.

Passenger Plus are independantly audited by BUSK, so that you can be sure our drivers, vehicles and emergency response procedures far exceed the statutory minimum standard and we were awarded the maximum 6 star safety rating since January 2014.
This rating is reviewed anually.
Our BUSK licence number is:BE0083

We are also members of the Busk Simply Safe scheme.
Through its research, BUSK UK has discovered that most schools obtain three quotes and then just choose the cheapest, unaware that it is vital to hire on safety criteria and not just cost alone.

Many schools often do not know the questions they ought to ask, therefore they base the decision on cost alone. Simply Safe members provide, through their new teacher/parent page on their website, important information without the need for any questions and without a sale pitch – it's all about safety

To visit the Passenger Plus Simply Safe webpage please click here

BUSK provide free advice for group organisers are have a host of resources to assist in planning safe travel.
You can read more about Busk here